Freedom digital and communication is a daughter company
working along Vathanagul Group Co.,Ltd.

Our parent company has been providing below the line marketing company since 1994.
Serving clients in Thailand and other countries.

To fulfil our marketing services,
Freedom digital and communication is working based on digital design and innovation.

With our expertise.
Together we create one stop marketing tools to serve our clients to meet their need and expectation.

Freedom digital and communication marketing services include

Website development and maintenance.
Mobile application development and maintenance.
Application development and maintenance.
Degital signage at the POS (points of sale at venue).
Marketing activiteies/services to increase activation, build traffic and usage of the digital media.

Other services area provied working along Vathanagul Group Co.,Ltd.

General Marketing
Creative / Graphic Design
Deployment service
Program Management
Merchant solicilation
In-house capabilities
Evaluation / Audit / Report
Event organize
Staff on ground
Call center